Includes Three Separate Business Plan Packages for $29.95!

Residential real estate is always in demand in any economic climate. People will always need affordable housing and with interest rates declining rapidly as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic – there are numerous opportunities for astute real estate investors, real estate investment firms, and property rehabilitation companies.

Although there is substantial uncertainty moving forward, the low cost of capital coupled with a plethora of available properties on the market will ensure that numerous properties can be acquired at discounted prices (with the anticipation that relatively normalized prices will resume once the pandemic subsides).

At RealEstateBusinessPlanTools.com, we have developed a number of business plans and business planning tools specific for the real estate industry. With your purchase you will receive:

  • Real Estate Investment Firm Business Plan (Word) – Showcasing ongoing acquisitions.
  • A Single Property Acquisition Focused Business Plan (Word)
  • A Property Rehabilitation Firm Business Plan (Word)
  • Three Question-and-Answer Focused Excel Models (please watch the videos!)
  • Three SWOT Analysis Templates
  • Three Sample Pitch Decks (in PowerPoint)
  • A How to Start a Real Estate Investment Firm Guide
  • A Stand Alone Real Estate Investment Firm Marketing Plan (24 pages in Word)

Each of the Three Business Plans that are included in the package follows the following chapter format:

  • 1.0 Executive Summary
  • 2.0 Financing Overview
  • 3.0 Real Estate Operations
  • 4.0 Economic, Industry, and Market Research
  • 5.0 Marketing Plan
  • 6.0 Personnel Summary
  • 7.0 Financial Plan
  • Appendix A – SWOT Analysis
  • Appendix B – Monthly and Quarterly P&L Statements
  • Appendix C – Monthly and Quarterly Cash Flow Analysis
  • Appendix D – Loan Amortization Tables

In each of the three business plans that are included in the package, we offer a substantial amount of research information (updated for 2020) specific for how real estate investors, real estate investment firms, and property rehabilitation businesses can thrive despite the current economic climate.